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With widest range of Industry Experience in :-
  • Charities : Fund Raising, Analytics, Retention
  • Financial : Lead Generation, Sales, Data Processing, Fulfillment
  • Publishing : Subscription Campaigns
  • Retail : Foot Fall drive, Loyalty Programmes
  • Telecom : Sales, Customer Support
  • IT : Product Promotions, Outsourcing
  • Pharma : CRM, Direct Marketing and Event Management
  • Real Estate : Lead Generation, Sales process
  • Events : Promotions, Registrations

and having a highly professional team, rich in experience, handling 1000+ marketing campaigns, 10 Million+ direct mail packs, 50 Million+ EDM, SMS etc yearly with by far the largest and most profiled database list in the country - to the tune of 60 Million+ records.

Direct / Digital Marketing strategy and planning. Direct Response planning for product launches. Creative, Database segmentation, Digital integration strategies. ROI assessments.

B2B, B2C, Email, SMS, Telecalling, Direct Mail Lists. Highly segmented, validated and quality checked data, ready-to-use for any Direct Marketing Campaign. Indian & International Lists.

Outbound, Inbound, Tele-Marketing, Fund Raising, Customer Support, Lead Generation, Help Desk Management. All India presence. Multi-lingual callers. Cost effective services.

Conferences, trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, promotions, branding, celebrity coordination, decoration, fabrication, artists, entertainment, catering, equipments

Cross-platform HTML Optimization, Video-Mailers, Interactive Emails, Personalized Campaigns, Highly profiled target segments, Response Management, Advanced Reporting.

Extensive customer profiling for targeted SMS Campaigns, M-coupons, Missed-call campaigns, Google AdWords Message Extension. SMS integration for Email, E-Commerce.

Email/SMS/MMS, Search Engine, Social Media marketing. Data insights from offline/online/web analytics/mobile channels. High ROIs, CPM/CPC/CPA campaigns.

Data collection, management, cleansing, transforming & modelling. Match-back, profiling, enriching, data mining, web analytics & business intelligence solutions.

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Targeted campaigns

One of the first criteria for a direct marketing campaign is a reliable customer database with the key characteristics of prospects and customers who are most ready, willing, and able to purchase your product or service.

Analyzing your direct marketing campaign can allow you to steadily improve the campaign performance. If multiple campaigns are being run, analyze the response rates from each.

Your campaign success heavily depends on your ability to deliver the correct piece of content that is relevant to the target customer at the right time. ie the right content through the right channel, at the right time.

Exploiting the possibilities of the latest communication channels delivering high quality content, with data visualization, multi-channel integration, marketing automation are critical to improve your ROI.

Professional customer support service is an essential way to attract and retain customers and boost brand loyalty, and also eliminates the hassles and investments associated with in-house call center operations.

Engaging your potential customers through social media networks by including social elements into every aspect of marketing communication greatly enhances brand visibility, conversions and cross references.

Finding the right mix of integrated and multi-channel campaigns, with customers constantly toggling various touch points both modern and traditional, is very critical and can be achieved only with substantial customer data insights and campaign experience.

Effective use of marketing automation tools and next-gen technology in digital advertising can greatly enhance campaign performance. AI enabled Programmatic Advertising, Engagement Ads, Customer action tracking etc will be the most crucial elements for greater revenues and customer engagement.

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