Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a staple for businesses - especially for nonprofits. If you have ever been called during the dinner hour by a telemarketer, you have been the target of direct marketing!

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a mechanism to target your target audience with measured results. Also we reach out to existing or past customers. A key factor in direct marketing is "call to action.” That is, direct marketing campaigns should offer an incentive or enticing message to get consumers to respond (act). We not only provide the Call to action but also follow up for optimum results for your enterprise. Yellow Umbrella facilitates attempting to locate, contact, offer, and provide detailed schemes available to your consumers. The feeling of being niche, i.e. receiving an email, a text message etc. for a particular offer makes the consumer act upon it immediately.

Why Yellow Umbrella ?

Yellow Umbrella, tackles the cultural integrity of India in its excellent proficiency and presence in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and further expanding to Chennai and Hyderabad. Every region, requires its significance, and its own way of handling. We at Yellow Umbrella understand the fragmentation and provide integrated uninterrupted services in every region of India, regardless of the Client being in any other part of the Country.

Types of Direct Marketing we offer at Yellow Umbrella :
  • Direct Mail Marketing: Personalized advertising material sent directly to home and business addresses. Other types of direct marketing include: distributing flyers; door-to-door solicitations, coupon / discount ads in print media etc. Address labels, Letter Personalisation, Conceptualisation.
  • Telemarketing : Direct marketing that involves calling people at home or work to ask for donations, an opinion, or for sales purposes. It is an effective tool in terms of direct interaction with the consumers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important facet which is effectively handled and managed by Yellow Umbrella for handling existing customers.
  • Email Direct Marketing: This form of direct marketing targets consumers through their Email accounts. Email addresses are generated through website subscriptions, sales promotions, offline/online registrations etc. Yellow Umbrella maintains one of the largest segmented & profiled email lists and uses highly sophisticated email campaign management tools for facilitating your requirements.
  • SMS Marketing : Mobile messaging is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers and is an essential pillar of a successful digital marketing strategy. Yellow Umbrella has advanced mobile campaign management solution, which enables you to plan, develop, execute and measure effective marketing, sales and customer readiness strategies over the mobile channel allowing you to influence customers making decisions on the go.

Does Direct Marketing Work?

Direct marketing does ensure people know about your business. Direct Marketing basically adheres to the concept of Touch-point, i.e. tracking of various series of developments. Mapping the target audience, sending communication, measuring results and retargeting them for better desired results.

Are you considering Direct Marketing?

Yellow Umbrella specializes in executing your Direct Marketing Campaigns that will work for your business which depends on your industry, your business ethics, and your budget. Yellow Umbrella masters the art of effective execution of your DM Camapigns keeping every principle in mind while doing them.

Budget Flexibility in Direct Marketing Ad Campaigns

Depending upon your direct mail marketing budget, we can send postcards, letters, brochures, or even product samples. We have various choices that can be opted pertaining to your requirement.