Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most popular online marketing tool, with its endless potential to reach out to a large section of the target audience in an extremely cost effective manner.

A well planned and executed Email Campaign can fetch very high ROIs in a short span. But a campaign can result in failure also equally fast, if not done in a proper manner.
We follow the best Emailing practices in the Industry, using International standard delivery mechanisms and most of all use our highly segmented email lists for getting the best result out of each and every Campaign we undertake.
Some of the key features of our Email Campaigns are :-
  • Focused campaigns using our highly segmented
    Email Lists.
  • Cross-platform, Spam free Emailer Creatives with
    advanced HTML coding techniques.
  • Landing page for Response Management. 
  • Personalized Campaigns.
  • Subject line fine tuning.
  • Spam filters and checks.
  • High Open/Click rates.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis.
  • ROI Calculator.
  • Social Media integration.
  • Versions for Desktop and mobile devices. 

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