Event Management

Consumers are suffering from advertising overload. Day after day, they are barraged with increasingly more offers than they can possibly consider. This has created a decline in the response rates of traditional advertising and marketing mediums; forcing companies to employ alternative channels to reach their target audience.

Event marketing is a low cost, highly focused acquisition channel which allows you the opportunity to reach millions of potential new customers from attractive sign-up booths at special events.

Exhibitions and events could form a very important part of a Direct Marketing campaign. To position itself as an integrated DM service provider, Yellow Umbrella has added this activity in the long list of services that it already provides its clients.

Events of any form like seminars, exhibitions, shopping mall counters, expositions, commercial stalls etc. can be handled with thorough professionalism from the conceptualization stage up to the final implementation.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Contacting the right target for the event through mailing, telemarketing and fax-broadcast.
  • Managing the queries and responses through inbound telemarketing, thus R.S.V.P management.
  • Personally inviting the VIP�s, Guest Speakers and other participants.
  • Onsite Management: Providing Hostesses, Attendants and other Staff for the event, along with doing up the interior and building up the sets.
  • Managing the PR and publicity for the event through Press Release and coverage by other media.
  • Publicity through Hoarding, Banners, Posters, escort Banners, Neon Signs, Digital Boards, Transit Media, etc.
  • Arrange for gifts and souvenirs.
We organize need-based promotions and events. While this helps integrate the message of the communication, it also acts as a high visibility tool. Apart from taking the action to the audience in the form of exhibitions, seminars, conferences and expositions. Each of which, is precisely thought through from ideation to the minute details of final execution.

We can promote your offer locally, regionally or nationally. We have thousands of professional representatives at your disposal who operate from all major cities nationwide.

With our custom tailored marketing programs, your message stands out in the sea of marketing clutter. We enhance your image and generate far more excitement for your company than traditional marketing mediums.

We consistently provide the most cost-effective, low-risk, turn-key solutions to our clients' marketing objectives.