Loyalty programs

In a competitive marketplace, customer retention and loyalty is key for long-term success.

To achieve these goals, merchants need to be able to identify their most valuable customers and market to them uniquely.

Customer Loyalty or Points programs have emerged as a method of recognizing valuable customers and rewarding loyal behavior.

Encouraging your customers to repeatedly choose your business over the competition is a marketing challenge that many organizations face.

Enhancing your customer's buying experience with a reward program can go a long way toward winning their long-term loyalty.

Our Loyalty Programs boost customer loyalty, brand recognition and spending by personalizing messaging and tangible and intangible rewards.

Why Loyalty Programs??

Loyal customers are less price sensitive.
Cost of serving the customers can be reduced.
Positive response is created by customers about their favorite brands/suppliers.
Customers spend more on the same company.

What you can get from us?

Loyalty programmes for Customers:

You could initiate a Privilege customer Club, or an Admired Customer Card or the Loyal Customer Club for the customers who matter the most. We could design incentive and sales promotion programmes for them. This would basically involve, sending them newsletters about the latest scheme planned by the company. This would help in repeat purchases and more and more customers would patronize the product.

Loyalty programmes for Dealers/Retailers/Stockists:

Dealers, Retailers and stockists are the most vital link between a company and its customers, thus requiring personal attention and time of the corporate. There are occasion bound as well as performance bound incentives for them. Very detailed and updated records of these customers would help in building a close and strong relationship. Which in turn would result in greater volume of business.